November is the calm before the storm, isn’t it? As snow and caroling and reindeer and candles and… and.. pine needles… CRASH around you in a tsunami of holiday chaos, take a moment to stand in the calm of the storm.

Here are six, high quality apps that topped our personal charts for November. You know they’re good. Don’t stress, just choose your favorites and spend some time with your kids.


Martha Speaks Word Spinner

Find a friend or 3 to play Martha Speaks Word Spinner, a wordy and fun “party” game that features the PBS channel’s favorite talking dog, Martha.

Bark up the right tree with our review.


Miss Spider’s Tea Party

Read and play along during Miss Spider’s tea party, along with her forest full of buggy friends! It’s an interactive e-book full of cute crawlies.

Get snagged by a happy web.


Pets in Pants

Pets in Pants HD involves animals in underwear; something that will send your children into fits of giggly hysterics, and make this app worth checking out.

Animals wearing clothes? It’s a win.


Toca Tailor

Fashion and clothing design is the object of Toca Tailor, promoting creativity and exploration among players of all ages.

You can’t hem THIS!


Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along

Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along app takes the fun and learning of the show and brings it to the iPad in a world-traveling math and science adventure.

Go wild with Mickey!


Grandpa’s Workshop

Grandpa’s Workshop is a really fun learning app that covers a range of skills perfect for the 2-6 crowd, through seven different mini-games.

Visit Grandpa and have some fun!




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