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We’ve all gone back and forth on screen limits, because, let’s face it, they’re a pain in the butt. Is it really that bad to let your child play an educational app and give yourself 20 minutes to breathe? This is something we’ve struggled with ourselves at iPad Kids (see Why I Decided To Do Away With Screen Limits).

A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics might give you the motivation to enforce a limit on screen time. According to the study, limiting screen time was shown to have some very valuable positive health effects. These health improvements were very gradual, so the parents weren’t even aware they were occurring. The researchers, however, noticed some great health effects:

Parents who set limits can count on some seriously positive results for their kids — including improved sleep, better grades, less aggressive behavior, and lower risk of obesity.

For an easily digested Yahoo article and some helpful tips on limiting screen time without starting a parental / child war, go here. If you enjoy seeing original research sources, you can find that here.

What do you think about screen time limits? Do the pros outweigh the cons? How do you enforce your own limits without starting a fight?


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