WK-144_(iPad3)PBS, the authority on all things small-child-education, just release their newest app based on their hit TV show “Wild Kratts’.  Available only for iPad, the ‘Wild Kratts Creature Math’ app is a great way for the little Wild Kratts fan in your life to practice their developing math skills.

The latest iOS app from Wild Kratts is a math primer for children pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary school aged. “Creature Math’ is a perfectly tailored math app that adjusts its difficulty level as the child progresses through the app. It is completely self-paced and allows children to work through different math principals as they are ready. In this way, children will always be challenged and engaged without “aging out” of the app prematurely. There is also a significant amount of science taught throughout the app. Included in the science lessons are the opportunities to build unique wildlife habitats and learn interesting creature facts.

This new PBS developed app is the latest in a string of recently released Wild Kratts themed apps such as ‘Wild Kratts: Lost at Sea”, which was launched just last month. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Wild Kratts app series is part of an early learning initiative headed by PBS. Because of this, the Wild Kratts Creature Math app will be made available to low income families for free through the PBS KIDS Mobile Learning Program, a nation-wide program that launched in 2012. Special low-income download codes will be generated and dispersed nationwide via Title 1 school programs and local PBS stations.

As PBS strives to serve children everywhere by giving them the necessary tools that they need to learn and play, the Wild Kratts Creature Math app is just another stepping stone to the path of  providing educational opportunities for all.

The ‘Wild Kratts Creature Math’ app is available for download via the Apple iTunes App Store button below for $1.99. This app is supported by iPad only.
Wild Kratts Creature Math - PBS KIDS

Source: Business Wire

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