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Finding a quality math app that isn’t dryer than a burnt English muffin is hard.  That’s why Artgig Studios made waves earlier this year with the release of Mystery Math Town, an engaging and fully customizable math app that also touches on several other early-learning topics.

Well, Artgig has done it again with their October release of Mystery Math Museum.  Using what worked in the original, this newer app switches gears a little to build math skills on players ages 6 to 12.  The characters are just as fun and unique as in the first game, and the multi-user profiles let kiddos adjust game play based on their math knowledge.

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Follow a friendly ghost as he tries to capture dragonflies that are loose in different themed museums.  To open doors and earn talking portraits, players collect numbers and solve equations – working on addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

At $2.99 Mystery Math Museum is a well-priced math app that will keep kiddos engaged and learning.  It’s an excellent follow-up from developers that have clearly done their research on what’s missing from the App Store when it comes to fun and interactive math learning apps.

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