Back in January, we wrote about the brand new ‘Mr.Potato Head Create & Play’ app that put a new spin on an old fashioned toy frommpot most of our childhoods. Now, having hit the app store on March 21st, Mr.Potato Head’s female counterpart has an app of her very own. Joining Mr.Potato Head on iPhone and iPad, comes ‘Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play’.

I don’t know about you, but as a child I could not get enough of rearranging Mr. Potato Heads features into funny faces and occasionally putting his eyes where his mouth should be. When I finally got a Mrs. Potato Head for my birthday, I was ecstatic to find out that there was a girly potato, too! The ‘Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play’ app is no different! It follows the same format as the Mr. Potato Head version, however there is a significantly more feminine touch. If your child loved the original ‘Mr. Potato Head Create & Play’ all, he or potshe will enjoy the Mrs.Potato Head version, too!

The app touts over 200 mix-and-match pieces that allows kids to fully customize their Mrs. Potato Head. Princess costumes, false eyelashes, ballerina tutus, and fun lipstick colors make up the slightly more girly array of clothing choices. Although the app is free to download, there are a few in app purchases required to collect all the body parts, just as in the original ‘Mr. Potato Head Create & Play’ app. Since the initial app download is free, there are a few ads as well, but they can be removed permanently from the app for only $0.99.

The ‘Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play’ app can be downloaded via the Apple iTunes App Store button below for free. This app is available for both iPhone/iPad and has been optimized for iPhone 5.
Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play - Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

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