Hot off the press from popular app developer, Kids Discover, comes a brand new app that lets children explore Antarctica. While the name pretty much says it all, the ‘Kids Discover Antarctica’ app is a brilliant fusion of entertainment and education that comes neatly packaged from the Kids Discover studios. Parents everywhere are always ready for a good blend of educational entertainment for their children and here is what the app has to offer in that department:logo

  • Icy Land Extremes- Kids will learn just how extreme Antarctica really is in this section of the app. High definition videos illustrate the frozen wilderness in vivid detail!
  • Formation of Ice Floes- Witnessing the mysteries of nature like never before is just another feature on ‘Kids Discover Antarctica’. Children will learn all about the science involved in the formation of the arctic ice floes.
  • Penguins in Antarctica- Kids will learn all about these adorable suit-wearing natives of the coldest continent in the world.
  • Dressing for Survival- Being dressed appropriately in Antarctica is no easy task! Kids will find out exactly what it take to dress for survival in the extreme climate of the south pole.
  • Research Labs of the Arctic- Children will find out exactly what scientists are doing in Antarctica and why they brave the cold to do the work that they do.

Not only will kids learn all of these things, but informative quizzes and fun puzzles will help them retain the information for years to come. Arctic games also add an element of excitement to this app that balances the educational side perfectly.

‘Kids Discover’ has been creating award winning apps consistently and this one is no different. Completely ad-free and amazingly educational, it’s worth every cent!

‘Kids Discover Antarctica’ is available for download for $2.99 via the Apple iTunes App Store by clicking the button below!

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