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My 5-year-old has just figured out that his fingers and toes come in groups of five.  He’s been counting using his fingers for a while, and he had his little mind blown when I pointed (love a good pun) out that he could also try using his toes for counting over 10.  Between his hands and feet he can tackle several different early math learning skills – counting over 10, skip counting (5, 10, 15), addition, subtraction.

It makes a parent wonder why, exactly, he would need an iPad to help support these skills.  With an app like GazziliMath the question should really be “why not?”.  This fun math learning app uses a ‘dual-curriculum’ approach to developing math knowledge while teaching young players about the technology they’ll use in the future.

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Mini-games tackle different early learning subjects while delighting kids with cute animations and bouncy sound effects; GazziliWorld has carved a niche creating such multi-sensory apps.  The six different games focus on math skills by utilizing activities like assigning quantities to numerals and cutting objects in half.  Unlocking each round brings players closer to a fun page that gives little brains a rest.  There’s even a hearing-impaired mode that gives written versions of game directions and any spoken narration throughout the game, which is a huge bonus for special-needs players.

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After a quick breeze-through I knew I had to let my son play.  Mister Math was able to play the games independently and had no trouble following the spoken directions.  I saw him use his fingers from time to time also and (to me) that means he was relating the technology to the non-iPad math skills with which he was already familiar using.  I could tell he felt a huge sense of accomplishment  when all 6 games were unlocked and he was listening to the funny animals playing music.

The download price of $1.99 makes this an affordable app for any budget and the content is well worth the price.  If you were to ask my son he would give GazziliMath 5 fingers instead of the usual 5 stars, but we’re quite happy to call it an All Star.


– Six mini-games work up to a “fun” page
– ‘Dual-curriculum’ approach combines math learning with technology skill building
– Hearing-impaired mode is perfect for special needs players


– None; we’ve found another gem from GazziliWorld



Price: $1.99

This app teaches math to preschoolers in a way that allows them to learn while having fun

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