duckie deck flying with a toddler

Our friends over at Duckie Deck just want to make parents’ lives easier. ¬†Whether it’s teaching about proper hygiene or helping young kiddos learn to share, their apps are designed with intuitive user interfaces and easy-to-follow early learning concepts.

The folks at Duckie Deck also understand the importance of helping children grow off-screen, which is why they’ve devised these very clever resources to help minimize the anxiety of traveling with young ones.

I admit – the idea of taking a flight with my two young children is so daunting that I haven’t been on a plane in over 7 years! Even though I couldn’t begin to imagine flying with a toddler, I will say that after seeing what Duckie Deck has created it almost seems like a vacation with the kids would actually be relaxing…

Take a look comprehensive infographic with helpful hints for everything from packing to landing

Check out this handy checklist to make sure you – and your toddler – are ready for the Big Trip

And last but not least: be prepared by downloading any (or all!) of Duckie Deck’s apps on your iPad, and you’re sure to have a bon voyage!

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