iPad Screenshot 1Hey, does your kid have teeth?  Then you’ll definitely want to check out this newest app from one of our favorite developers, Duckie Deck.  Heck – come to think of it, even kiddos without chompers will really love Duckie Deck With Teeth!

Known for intuitive, all-ages apps that appeal to even the youngest of iPad players, Duckie Deck has just released a very simple but important app to help parents teach kids about the importance of oral health.  Once again the folks at Duckie have produced an on-screen platform to spurn healthy off-screen discussions about learning to brush teeth and staying healthy.

iPad Screenshot 2

Game play is simple enough: little ones easily tap the screen to choose a mouthful of teeth.  Then the mouth eats healthy foods (and an occasional cookie) and the plaque on the teeth builds up.  When the mouth is dirty a toothbrush appears, and dragging the brush gets the mouth clean and and the game starts all over again.

It may sound like an oversimplified brushing tutorial, but what’s really lovely about the app is that it can be a jumping-off point to talk to your kids  especially toddlers who are learning to brush – about the importance of keeping a healthy mouth.  Start a discussion about how often and for how long we need to brush, or which foods are good for teeth and which are not (re: cookies).

iPad Screenshot 4

Once again Duckie Deck has bridged the on-screen/off-screen gap to encourages both parents and kids to continue the fun away from the iPad.  The app is adorable and easy to play, without any written instructions to bog down non-reading players. At a download price of $0.99 it’s a valuable addition to your iPad; it’s never too early to start teaching your kiddos healthy habits!


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