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There’s something about having kids around that just sucks the brain power right out of a sharp-minded, well-spoken adult.  I usually have a mind like a steel trap – remembering details about my childhood or events that happened long ago.  But driving to preschool with the kids in the back seat means that I even forgot what a green light means.

It’s safe to say that I (along with other brain-drained parents) could use some serious memory building.  Brain Training Games is an app to do just that, but it’s not just limited to grown brains.  Young growing brains  also need regular exercise and the features on this app make sure players of all ages get a proper workout of the cerebellum.

brain training games 1

Six different games and three levels of difficulty offer fun to all ages and levels.  Players can even choose themes for the games from categories like animals, shapes, and numbers.  A whole range of skills are addressed, like memory boosting with card matching or visual acuity with a “spot the difference” mini-game.  There’s even a game that

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I gave Brain Training Games the old college try before my kids played and I was instantly hooked.  Figuring that the “hard” difficulty would still be easy enough for me to breeze through, I was sorely mistaken within the first few flips of (non) matching cards.  When the kids finally pried the iPad from my hands and played in “easy” mode, they had no problems understanding the games and playing them independently.

While the graphics aren’t as fancy as the kids were used to, it helps to streamline the app and make it far less distracting.  At $2.99, though, it’s hard to find an app that challenges every member of the family.  We all could use a little more brain power, right?



– Six different games boost memory and “train” the brain
– Helps players increase concentration and focus
– Three levels of difficulty mean that all ages can enjoy playing


– Graphics are only so-so



Price: $1.99

Give your brain a proper workout with this memory-boosting app

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Brain Training Games - Lyubov Zhivova

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