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I’m really the last person that should be helping my preschooler with her early math skills.  I can’t count higher than 20 (number of fingers & toes combined), I generally over-tip at restaurants because percentages make me nervous, and the Dollar Tree is my best friend because, well, everything is only $1 and it makes budgeting a breeze.  There are plenty of math apps in the App Store to help where I can’t, but I’ve found that many of them are just not a good fit for kiddos who aren’t yet in kindergarten.

It’s easy for preschoolers to grasp simple number recognition and basic counting, but to build a strong math foundation they have to be introduced to more complex concepts early on.  The skills also have to be wrapped in a context that’s relatable and fun in order to keep young players engaged and absorbing what they’re learning.  Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool does just this – puts preschool math in a neat little package that’s perfect for ages 2 through 5.

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Zorbit is a little green alien that’s gearing up for his first trip to Earth and he needs help from players to make the journey.  Travel through six different levels and follow Zorbit and his friends, earning stickers and plenty of encouragement along the way.  Of course Zorbit tackles basic math like counting to 20 and number recognition, but he also teaches secondary skills like color and shape recognition.  Added bonus: the educational content follows the Common Core curriculum for pre-kindergarten.

There’s plenty of action and interactivity to prevent young payers from getting distracted or bored, and everything is voice narrated so no reading is required.  The graphics are bright and cartoon-like which makes the game more relatable and the sound effects are silly.  A little movie at the beginning helps lay the groundwork for the storyline and explains some of the tasks that lay ahead for players; this helps kiddos further comprehend the game and concepts.

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My daughter is 3 and in preschool, and I’m pretty sure she has better math skills than I do – even before playing this game.  She loved Zorbit and his pink friend, and easily understood the tasks and mini-games.   I also heard her counting along with the app’s voice narration, something that she doesn’t even do when I try to count with her.  The format was well-executed and she played independently; there was no asking me for help or a need for me to guide her through the game.  I appreciate this aspect because it teaches her some crucial problem-solving skills as well.

The download price of $1.99 is very reasonable, especially considering the educational content and quality of the app.  Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool is a nicely designed app specifically for preschoolers that does what many others fail to do – teach preschoolers important concepts in an engaging and approachable way.  And it saves Mommy from whipping out the toes when it comes to teaching counting.



– Adheres to Common Core standards for pre-K
– Voice narration guides non-readers through app
– Game play is engaging and relatable for preschoolers


– None, this app is out of this world!


Price: $1.99

Age: 2-5


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