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Just the other day, while tackling some spring cleaning in our garage, I came across a folder overflowing with notes written some 25 years ago by my middle school friends. They were folded in that awesome middle-school-origami way. You know what I’m talking about…the folded tuck, the modified flying airplane, the four-pointed star, and the four-fingered diamond, just to name a few. Their form alone, without even opening them up and reading the going-steady drama within, was enough to make me smile and get all nostalgic about the way things used to be. I had to wonder whether the kids of today went to such lengths to covertly communicate with their friends behind the teacher’s back. With seemingly every kid having a cell phone nowadays, I would have to think that notes have been replaced by texts.

How sad!

Then I got to thinking…what else are the kids of today missing out on? I thought I’d share my list with you. I’m not saying everything on this list is missed; progress and improvement have been made in some areas. However, the disappearance of others is quite unfortunate and sad to me and maybe you, too….

  • Creatively folding notes in school
  • Using code names in case notes were intercepted or for phone conversations that were within earshot of parents
  • Being stuck on a rotary phone attached to a wall within 5 feet of a parent
  • Writing in cursive
  • Arcades
  • Unsafe (a.k.a. FUN) toys
  • Music videos on MTV
  • Planet Pluto
  • Playing outside without having to wear a helmet
  • Roller skating
  • Meeting people at their gate in the airport
  • Official kid-controlled TV every Saturday morning
  • Alarm clocks
  • Wearing a watch
  • Rolling down the car window
  • Curling up with an encyclopedia
  • Paper maps
  • Movie rental stores
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, paper classifieds
  • Picking out cute stationary for your pen pal and receiving snail mail
  • A toy in almost every cereal box
  • Typing complete words (OMG!) or spelling without the help of AutoCorrect
  • Libraries and the fabulous Dewey Decimal System
  • Playing outside without the fear of being kidnapped
  • Undivided attention from friends and family
  • “Be kind, rewind.”
  • Mixed tapes, records, walkmen
  • Anonymous prank calls
  • The awesomeness of seeing your published name in a phone book
  • Not knowing who’s calling
  • Printing photographs, using Poloroid film and disposable cameras
  • Memorizing a phone number…or having to remember anything for that matter
  • Getting creative during power outages as opposed to relying on charged devices
  • Hand-made crafts/models/projects
  • Bad songs by the artist you love because you had to buy the entire CD
  • The anticipation of having to wait for your favorite TV show to come on and only having a few channels to chose from and probably only one TV in the house
  • Using a travel agent to plan a vacation
  • Having to get off the couch in order to change the channel, turn on the stereo, adjust the AC, etc.
  • Looking for a pay phone
  • Asking a live person for directions

This is a quick and short list I’ve been adding to as the day has gone on. Thanks to my Facebook friends, some of them authors of the 25-year-old notes in my garage, for their contributions. Children of the eighties and nineties unite! Add to this list in the comments section. The nostalgia is good for a smile 🙂

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