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My 3-year-old asked me yesterday if she could have a pet dragon.  Actually she started by asking why we can’t build a time machine like in the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman and I explained that Mommy doesn’t do math or science or engineering or building or time travel.  Somehow we got on the topic of castles and princesses and knights, thus coming full circle to the request for a pet dragon.  (Frankly my daughter is so convincing that for a few seconds I actually wanted a pet dragon too.)

Obviously she’s about to enter that phase that a lot of kids go through, the one where they obsess over everything Medieval.  My phase was latent, triggered by that Showtime series “The Tudors” and Jonathan Rhys Meyers AMIRIGHT but I digress.  Back to my kid: she now wants to live in castle – who doesn’t? – and ride a “steed” (her word) and run around with an “adorable” (her word) pet dragon who will breathe fire on bad guys.  Luckily for her, the developers at Wungi have released the perfect game to let her do all that without a WABAC machine.

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Wungi Knights is a virtual trip through the Middle Ages specifically made for the 3-6 age group.  The user interface is intuitive and text-free, making it a perfect game for younger players to play independently and autonomously.  While the objective of the game was a little gender-biased and made me scratch my head (make the princess happy by building her a new castle?!) it’s easy for the targeted demographic to understand and find relatable.

As a knight, players must complete mini-games that teach important early-learning skills that are in line with the general preschool curriculum.  In the orchard, players sort fruits and help with object recognition.  Hand-eye coordination gets a boost from an archery contest.  Letting the knight wander around encourages open-ended play and creativity.  The game also promotes problem-solving, and the absence of frustrating rules, time limits, or instructions lets young players explore without boundaries.

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Not surprisingly Wungi Knights has been hugely popular in my house.  My daughter almost exclusively plays this game now, and would play for hours if she weren’t so rudely interrupted by unimportant things like mealtimes or having to go to bed.  She can play through all of the mini-games without assistance with the exception of the archery game, which she doesn’t quite yet have the dexterity to play.  She also gets to learn about Medieval times in a kid-friendly and age appropriate context.

This game is a steal at $0.99 – the content is both educational and engaging, and the UI makes it so easy for preschoolers to enjoy playing.  And it’s much cheaper than a pet dragon – trust me, I’ve checked.


– Preschooler-friendly content and interface
– Boosts early learning skills and dexterity
– No text, ads, or other distractions for young players


– Maybe in an update the princess can build a castle for the prince?


Price: $0.99

Age: 3-6


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