Children are so adorable when they speak about what they want to be when they grow up. My own 6 year old wants to be a veterinarian, a teacher AND a cheerleader. I’m exhausted just thinking about that schedule.

To introduce children to new careers that they may not be exposed to every day, here are 6 fun apps that we found.

And no, they don’t have an app for future freelance writers, I looked.

Dr. Panda’s Hospital

Your child can help Dr. Panda take care of all of the animals in the hospital. They will need to greet them in the waiting room, help them to their beds, and discover and trean their illnesses. There are 10 fun medical mini games and activities for the 8 different animal patients. Dr. Panda’s Hospital includes a waiting room, 2 patient rooms, and a helicopter landing pad. Children can learn about the different medical equipment and earn reward stickers. Read our full review here. $1.99.


This app will entertain your child while teaching them to care for their teeth. The four sections – Explore, Conditions, Learn, and My Teeth – include different lessons and activities all meant to educate little ones about proper dental hygiene. Explore shows kids a 360 degree view of the jaw and teeth. Conditions teaches about cavities, tooth loss, and more. Learn shows kids healthy habits, good brushing, flossing, and more. My Teeth is where parents and children will input data about their teeth, appointments, etc. $4.99.

Tizzy Veterinarian HD

Your little animal lover will love learning all about being a vet with Tizzy. They can practice veterinary medical skills with the 24 fun puzzles and games. The app’s animals include kid favorites – dogs, cats, and birds. Great graphics and fun for kids ages 2-6. $1.99.

Kid Artist

This app is a more advance version of the popular Toddler Draw. The simple and easy to use interface is perfect for older children who love art. Choose from 10 backgrounds, 9 line-art overlays, and 10 of each paintbrushes, marker pens, pencils, spray cans, crayons, and stamps. Save your work to your device’s photo roll, then shake the device to clear the screen. $0.99.

Little Zoologist

There are 120 animals located in 13 locations around the globe featured in this app. Little Zoologist is designed to educate and entertain. Your child will learn about each animal, then also learn their names in 6 languages. The 5 play modes include Image Journal, Silhouettes Mode, Listen Mode, Reading Mode, and Coloring Mode. $3.99.

Happy Little Farmer

Kids can learn how to rake, dig, trim and water their virtual fruit and vegetable farm. They’ll also need to chase bugs away, feed the blue monster, and pick all of the crops. There are 15 activities and 12 different fruits and veggies to choose from. The soundtrack includes popular nursery rhymes. There is also a treasure hunt game where kids can collect stickers. Perfect for children ages 3-8. $1.99.

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