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In case you didn’t notice, the Halloween season is upon us.  (And now that I think about it, it’s been upon us since mid-August) There is candy corn-ucopia of spooky yet adorable apps out there for kids to enjoy in between costume shopping and pumpkin carving, and some of them even offer a boost in early learning skills.

TinyMons Halloween Season is one of those seasonal apps that offers more than just a silly scare.  It’s an easy game that offers single- or multi-player modes, fun and simple game play, and age-appropriate content (which means no nightmares about monsters under the bed).

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Single player mode – called Fast As You Can – is fun and fast.  Random monster mash-ups are chosen and players have to find the custom creature in a sea of scary spookers.  The clock is set at 60 seconds, and each time a monster is found another one is created to find all over again.  Multi-player mode is called Beat ‘Em All and up to four players can gather ’round the iPad.  Whomever finds the monster first wins the round.

Having mini-monsters comprised of different parts a la Frankenstein helps to boost memory skills.  Kiddos have to remember the three different parts and differentiate between the monster combos to find the right one.  Multi-player mode helps with socialization and can prompt discussions among players.

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We are Halloween fanatics so my kids flipped for this game.  My oldest, who is 5, had to help my 3-year-old figure out how to play, but the visual tutorial helped them both.  I joined in for a few rounds of Beat ‘Em All and let them win, but it didn’t take long before I had to start working harder to find the monster.

TinyMons Halloween Season is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time, and it’s well worth the dollar.  It’s a fun and easy game to play and it’s age-appropriate for even the youngest spooktacular player in your family.  Get it quick, before it vanishes into the night like Dracula!


– Game play is easy visual tutorials are great for young players
– Content is age-appropriate and clean fun
– Multi-player mode means your little monsters won’t fight over the iPad


– None – this app is scary (in a good way!) fun


Price: $0.99
Age: 3+


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