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You know the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?  It’s what I say to my son who says things like, “I wish I could live at Gramma’s forever!” and “I wish I could have another puppy!”.  (Incidentally, one of our dogs recently had a litter of 7 puppies, and I’m not sure the kid will ever ask for a dog again.)

The aforementioned adage is the simple message in the early 20th century story at the center of this app.  Written by Henry Beston as a part of a collection of children’s fairy tales, The Seller of Dreams weaves through the wishful thinking of a young boy named Peter.  After meeting a magician and seeing the grass isn’t always greener, Peter returns to his “normal” life with an appreciative new outlook.

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This app is so jam-packed with features it’s hard to know where to begin.  Let’s start with the actual storybook mode, where we read along as a narrated voice told the story and the words were highlighted as we went.  Narration could be turned on or off, and we had the option of recording a voice reading to story to play back.

Within the storybook mode we could also choose to play a mini-game like connect the dots or memory, or put together a puzzle featuring one of the book’s amazing illustrations.  The level of difficulty of the games is enough so that my now 5-year-old can still be challenged while my 2-year-old doesn’t give up because it’s too hard.  Coloring book mode is quite involved, offering an array of every color and several different color textures such as paint or charcoal.

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Reading the story, either with or without the narration, obviously helps to teach reading skills to young players.  Beyond that there are several additional learning fundamentals being reinforced – memory skills, problem solving, and artistic creativity.  Fairly priced for the e-book market at $3.99 this story and the apps additional features will give you quite a bang for your buck.  It’s also a lot less work than taking care of 7 puppies.


– Story-specific learning games, including connect-the-dots, puzzles and memory cards
– Original music and superb sound effects
– Literary writing directly adapted from the original story by Henry Beston
– Engaging and user-friendly HD interface design


– Narration helps younger non-readers follow along
– Several non-reading modes keep children engaged for hours
– Illustrations are beautiful and lively


– None; the comprehensive app is actually a bargain considering the content



Price: $3.99
Age: 2+

This well-rounded e-book will delight readers and non-readers alike!

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