When it comes to using apps as supplemental learning for your children, the App Store has an almost overwhelming variety to choose from.  Don’t get me wrong – there are a ton of amazing educational apps out there, but some times you just can’t find quite what you’re looking for.  So you do the only practical thing and develop your own app, something that’s just right.

That’s exactly what the developers at Dog Day Digital are doing.  Using the vibrant and interactive appeal of mobile devices, they create character-driven storybook experiences that draw in young readers and keep them engaged.  Because creating an app of this caliber can be costly, Dog Day has turned to crowdfunding to help support their efforts.

From their Kickstarter page:

Storyverse is a unique 3D popup book platform, using the accessibility of tablets to present a vibrant, interactive world. Our goal is to craft characters and stories that have lasting appeal, adding interactive elements to connect the audience like never before. Children aged 3 – 9, can explore a magical landscape, fight fire-breathing dragons, and be the hero of their own story! Additional planned features include character customization, user-created voiceovers, and rewards on each page. Storyverse is an experience like no other, one that children and parents will enjoy sharing together! 


Click here for more information, and donate now so you can get VIP access to Storyverse!


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