For parents, back-to-school time can be The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  For most kids, getting back in the classroom can really be tough – especially if moving up a grade level means struggling in certain areas (namely math).  Of course there are handfuls of educational apps on the market that help boost kids’ skills, but it seems to me that the math edu-apps are some of the more difficult to execute well.  Unless the app content and game play are rich and engaging, it’s easy for players to lose interest quickly.

The developers at Artgig Apps understands this, and have made it their mission to create math-heavy apps that are not only exciting to play, but also educational at the same time.  Apps from Artgig target a wide array of age groups, from preschoolers up through middle school, and tackle an even wider array skills from basic early-ed skills to multiplication.  Just recently Artgig has changed the app icons in the App Store to make it easier to find their apps, which will help avoid confusion that parents often have when looking for educational apps.

Take a look at some of our favorite Artgig Apps currently in the App Store:

Alien Buddies supplements preschool learning with activities geared for ages 3-7

Boost early-ed math skills with Marble Math Junior (audio options for new readers)

Mystery Math Town is an exciting journey through a town full of numbers ages 6-12

Take a break from math with Shake-A-Phrase, which boosts vocab skills for ages 8+


Which app do you think your kiddo would like to play?  

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