Do you have a miniature sports fan in the family? Perhaps you have one of those kids who lives for the opportunity to catch, kick, or throw a ball, or make everything into a race. Thank goodness for after-school sports, tennis camps, bowling leagues, and the neighbor’s basketball hoop! Unfortunately, rain happens, as do car trips, broken legs, and summer colds. If you have a little athlete who, for whatever reason, can’t get out and flex their sports muscles, try some of these apps instead:

Par out golfPar Out Golf by Endless Wave Software LLC

Described as being uncomplicated, challenging, addicting, and social, Par Out Golf guides you through 2 stunningly illustrated 18-hole courses. Use your finger to control the ball while at the same time trying to avoid trees, rocks, water, and sand. This app supports up to 4 players- perfect for family fun on a rainy day! $0.99, 4+ rating


chop chop tennisChop Chop Tennis by Gamerizon

Touted as the #1 downloaded sports game in over 40 countries, Chop Chop Tennis is an easy-to-play action tennis game with colorful and cartoonish graphics. Choose from 8 characters or purchase the Ultimate Pack for an additional 10 characters and 5 courts ($0.99 extra). $0.99, 4+ rating



fungoplay football flingerFunGoPlay Football Flinger by FunGoPlay LLC

Find out how far you can fling a football in this fun and hilarious app. There are 14 different footballs to fling, odd and awesome obstacles, great animations, hilarious sound effects, and a rockin’ soundtrack. Better yet, it’s free, with no in-app purchases. 4+ rating



candy flick ring tossCandy Flick – Kids Free Ring Toss Game by Best Free Games For Kids 2012

Improve your aim with this ring toss game that takes a caveman on a crazy trip through a magical candyland as he tosses candy rings onto his prehistoric moose’s horns. (Really. I couldn’t make that up even if I tried!) Free, 4+ rating



Dino dodgerDino Dodger by Comp Evolve

Race your vehicle through a prehistoric landscape, dodging dinosaurs and poop and collecting eggs along the way. Simply tilt the device to control the direction of the vehicle. $0.99, 4+ rating

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