Puzzles are fun and they can keep your child entertained for hours. But if you’re not home, puzzle apps can fill in and get the job done.

We found six great puzzle apps that are worth downloading.

Animal Puzzle for toddlersAnimal Puzzle for Toddlers

This app is perfect for your youngest puzzle enthusiast until the age of 6. There are 30 puzzles with 3 different puzzle styles. Many animals are featured, including birds, fish, cows, dogs, and more. The difficulty levels of the puzzles increase as your child improves. The app includes 6 free puzzles; the full version is $1.99.

Educational wooden puzzle collectionEducational Wooden Puzzle Collection

There are 78 wooden themed puzzles in this fun app. Themes include the alphabet, numbers, animals, circus, toys and aliens. Children will learn the alphabet and numbers in five languages – English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. There are easy and hard modes. In the easy mode players can just move the puzzle piece around the correct position. In the hard mode, they much drop the shape in. $4.99.

JigSaw Zoo Animal PuzzlesJigSaw Zoo Animal Puzzles

Animated carton animals will entertain and delight children with this app. There are 12 animated scenes and hundreds of puzzle variations. And the app is for children of all age groups, with three levels of difficulty. The app contains an optional timer for older, skilled players. No in-app purchases. $1.99.

Kids Puzzle GameKids Puzzle Game – Puzzle Land

Keep your child busy with the 25 puzzles that are included in this app. It features five fun lands – Critter Corner, Garden Goodies, Big Blue Sea, Woodland Wonders, and Intergalactic Adventures. Kids will love the interactive characters and the animations when a puzzle is complete. Parents can customize the game to suite the child’s age and skill set. The first 10 levels are free, full version is $1.99.

Puzzles 'N ColouringPuzzles ‘N Colouring – Sea Adventures

This app is a coloring app that also includes puzzles. There are 33 coloring pages with over 25 colors, as well as 33 themed puzzles. The puzzles are divided into three levels – easy (6 puzzle pieces), medium (12 pieces), hard (20 pieces). The app features upbeat music. For younger children, there is a paint-by- selection and an undo and erase feature. $1.99.

Tappie PuzzlesTappie Puzzles

Navigate your way around the world, all while finding missing pieces of the app’s puzzles. “The challenge is to solve the puzzles by matching shapes to the missing areas”. When the puzzle is complete, children will enjoy a fun animation. The cute graphics for this app are designed for children ages 4 and older. $0.99.

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