Any parent can tell you, bedtimes can be rough. Experts say the best solution is to create a bedtime routine. Here are some apps that will make a great addition to your child’s nighttime routine:

Nighty Night HD!

This interactive bedtime  app has sweet music and narration, which are sure to soothe your child before bedtime. Narrated by actor Alistair Findlay, the app needs your child to turn off all of the lights in the house and barn and then put everyone to sleep. It comes with seven interactive animals – dog, pig, sheep, duck, cow, fish and chicken. It is also available in 12 languages. $2.99, but has in-app purchases if you want to add more animals.

Goodnight Safari

Your child is the center of the story in this interactive book/app. Help the giraffe eat his dinner, help the monkey climb into bed, and kiss the elephant goodnight through seven scenes. Your child can read along or read by themselves to help build their reading skills. The “Pick-a-page” feature allows your child to skip to their favorite scene and play it over and over. There are also other activities with the animals. Free, but has in-app purchases for additional activity pack.

Bedtime Stories Collection HD

Three classic stories in one app. Bedtime Stories Collection includes The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Stories can be narrated or your child can read all by themselves. Children can also remove the subtitles and make up their own stories as they look at the pictures. Free, but you can add more stories through the in-app purchases.

The Going To Bed Book

The popular children’s book by Sandra Boynton is now an interactive book app. There are also fun activities for your child. They can touch, pull, and turn objects. They can also tilt the device to watch things slide around the screen. When the book is narrated, it highlights the words to help with your child’s literacy skills. If they chose to read the story themselves, they can tap a word to hear the pronunciation at any time. $3.99.

Bo’s Bedtime Story

Your child is needed to help Bo the giraffe get ready for bed. Bo needs to clean up his toys, get undressed, take a bath, dry off, brush his teeth, put on his pajamas, cuddle with his bear, read a bedtime story, and give kisses before he goes to sleep. As he sleeps he will meet his friends in a dream. The app is great at encouraging bedtime routine through activities. There are 10 consecutive scenes and the activity instructions are given at the beginning of each scene. Other activities include sorting, color recognition, matching, and counting. There is an extra dress-up game with two dolls to choose from and a variety of clothes and shoes. $1.99.

Pepi Bath 

Pepi is dirty and needs help getting clean. Kids will have fun with this app and learn about good hygiene at the same time. They can chose whether Pepi is a boy or girl, then they can help Pepi wash hands, wash clothes, go to the bathroom, and bathe. During the bath, kids can pop bubbles, play with the bath hose or the bath toys, which are also characters. Recommended for kids ages 2-6. $1.99.

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