Summer is closing in (even though the weather might not be a good indication) and for many parents and caregivers, that means a solid chunk of days potentially filled with “I’m booooored!”  Sure, there’s summer camp, the pool, the playground, picnics – you get the idea – but some days are just too hot or too rainy to enjoy the Great Outdoors.  Instead of sulking around the house and watching the same animated movie for the 82nd time in a row, how about checking out your local library?

I know my local library has several storytimes throughout the week for a range of ages, as well as fun workshops and even field trips.  What’s interesting, though, is the increased use of technology during activities that used to only include a “real live book” (my son’s terminology).  One librarian I met used a SmartBoard to help show children the illustrations on a book and during another storytime she actually read from an e-book on her iPad.

photo: Fred Rogers Center

You might surprised – I sure was – by the amount of knowledge your local librarian has about new and innovative tech additions to the world of children’s literature.  Gone are the stuffy older ladies with too-tight hairdos and oversized glasses, hissing “SHHHH!!” every time there’s the tiniest noise.  In fact, your local public library may be a good place to start if you’re still unsure about incorporating technology in your family’s supplemental education or reading times.

The Fred Rogers Center has a wonderful blog that you should make a daily habit of visiting; there are a wide range of topics covered under the umbrella of children’s media.  A recent post explains how librarians can be a great resource for learning about digital media during storytime.  Check out the post here, and don’t forget to bookmark the blog.

What do you think about including digital media in traditional storytimes?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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