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Leave it to what was supposed to be some quiet time in the local coffee shop all by my kid-less self to wake up some of my pet peeves when it comes to parents, their children, and their handling of technology. Parents, please teach your children…

  • …to take out their earbuds when other people are talking to them
  • …to put down the phone/iPad/iPod when speaking with others
  • …to listen to their device at an acceptable level (I should not be able to hear it 3 tables away)
  • …to excuse themselves when it is necessary for them to respond to a text or call
  • …that their game/music/e-mail can wait and will always be there
  • …to use their devices when seated, not walking down the aisle littered with hot cups of coffee
  • …to treat their devices like the expensive pieces of electronics they are, not Lego’s
  • …patience
  • …restraint
  • …courtesy
  • …respect

And Grown-ups, the best way to teach these things is to model them ourselves.

Okay, caffeinated beverage in hand, rant over. Unless, of course, you would like to let off some steam of your own and add to this list in the comments section… 🙂

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