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Just by playing peekaboo with an infant you can elicit grins and giggles, and if the baby is old enough, he might even peekaboo you right back.  Obviously I wouldn’t suggest trying peekaboo with a stranger’s child while waiting in the grocery store checkout line, as that can lead to a massive misunderstanding following which you may be permanently banned  from re-entering said grocery store.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.

In case your hands are otherwise occupied, there’s now Napps Peekaboo for the iPad to keep your infant or toddler otherwise occupied.  This simple yet adorable game takes the tried-and-true baby game to the virtual world, and it’s not only fun but it also helps to foster hand-eye coordination and person recognition in younger players.

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The app is very straightforward and the layout is of a face with hands in front.  Players tap or swipe the hands to move them away from the face, thus completing the act of playing peekaboo.   Now, this is where things get a little crazy, so hang on to your Pampers:  Choose one of three cartoon-animal heads or use the iPad’s camera function to take a picture.  Pictures already saved in the gallery can be uploaded, too.

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Both of my kids – ages 2 and 5 – are a little advanced for this game, but they loved playing peekaboo as babies.  On the other hand, I thought it was a cleverly designed and totally cute app.  It’s a great way to introduce the newly-dexterous baby to the technology that their generation will use for a lifetime.  While the age range is specified as 8 months plus, those at the starting line of the spectrum will need help playing this app.

Napps Peekaboo is a great first app for those parents who want to begin introducing the iPad to their curious kiddo.  At $1.99 it may sound a little steep, but it’s one of the first and only apps that players under 2 years old will need while they first navigate their way around the iPad.



– Incredibly easy and safe user interface – perfect for toddlers
– Upload or take pictures to play peekaboo with family, friends – anybody!
– No reading, intuitive game play, and no in-app distractions


– This app has a very limited age range; something to think about before downloading


 Price: $1.99

Age: 8 months+

Peekaboo gets a modern makeover with this fun and easy game.

Please help support iPadKids by downloading the game via the App Store icon below!
Napps Peekaboo - Nikola Subotic

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