Does your child enjoy playing Minecraft on the computer? Well they will probably ask for the Minecraft- Pocket Edition, but is it worth the money?

Price: $6.99
Age: 4+

Enjoy the crafting, building and multi player worlds with your friends on this Ipad App, Minecraft Pocket Edition.
Minecraft – Pocket Edition - Mojang


– Great way to begin learning about the Minecraft program.
– Good place to practice building things in Minecraft.
– It is a portable version which your child could take on the go.  For your minecraft addicted kid, this might be the biggest advantage to this app.


– There are many types of blocks missing, that you might be used to seeing on the Personal Computer version of Minecraft (especially the Redstone).
– It is very difficult to play a multi-player game.
– You cannot blow up TNT which is really fun to do on the computer version
– You cannot go the the Nether and you cannot get glowstone, which is again, a big part of the Computer version of Minecraft.


Have your kids gotten involved in the Minecraft craze? My 8 and 11 year olds are always spending their free time playing Minecraft on the computer.  I was not surprised when they asked me to purchase the Ipad version of their favorite Minecraft game.  At $6.99 I found the price quite steep.  We actually bought this app 6 months ago and it was  over $10, WHOA.  I would not mind spending that much money on the app if the kids enjoyed it.  But this Minecraft app has been sorely disappointing.

The Minecraft app is really great for someone who is just starting out learning about building a Minecraft world.  The directions are simple and the app is a great place to experiment with making a house, building a tower or statue, or even learning how the materials function.  Multiplayer is not very easy to use because you must be on the same wifi to play a multiplayer game.

The building materials in the Minecraft Pocket Edition app are colorful and easy to manipulate. My four year old daughter was able to build a simple house all by herself.  My 8 and 11 year old sons enjoy building colorful houses, practicing mining, and trying out different design ideas.  This past week my 8 year old made a virtual city that looked amazing.  So if your child needs to play Minecraft on the go, then they will probably need this app.  If not, you will probably want to skip it!


Minecraft – Pocket Edition - Mojang

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