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It’s undeniable that the iPad has introduced never-before-seen levels of interactivity to the lives of kids.  There are a countless number of apps that put players smack-dab in the middle of a game by taking a picture or recording sounds.  Children become integral players and open their little minds to heightened creativity and imaginative play.

Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up gives interactive a fresh, new meaning using old-school animations and engaging activities.  Players have to help Mickey and Donald Duck through a cartoon short that’s missing some elements.  This is done by instructing kids to draw certain elements on their own that are later added to the finished short.  There’s even a scene at the end where the player’s name is displayed as a credit for making the cartoon.

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The graphics are decidedly retro-feeling and tie in to Where’s My Mickey?, a fun physics puzzler.  For those of us that remember Steamboat Mickey, this app will bring back memories of some of the earliest Mickey cartoons.  There’s plenty of instruction as narrated by a squeaky-voiced Mickey so players 6 and older will have no problem following along even if they don’t have strong reading skills.

There’s an abundance of creative play going on in the activities and allow for open-ended play.  Mickey advises players to draw something “big” and gives examples, but doesn’t limit what can be drawn to a single item.  Some sections are timed but not in a way that would pressure or frustrate kiddos.  That said, the drawing function isn’t overly sensitive to touch and requires a little more dexterity, something that older school-aged kids can provide.

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My two kids haven’t yet tried this game but I did and really enjoyed playing.  I can see, though, how it’s definitely geared towards the elementary school-aged kids; while there’s no real reading required kids have to follow some pretty specific directions and have some dexterity (as mentioned above).  Younger kids – if they had the patience – might have fun passively helping or watching older kids play.

We’ve come to expect higher-than-median price points on Disney app downloads and this is no exception at $3.99.  The price is justified by the creative content and high level of interactivity.  If you have a budding animator in your house, this would be the perfect app to help foster that growing interest in being the next Walk Disney.


– Allows players to create and animate with Mickey’s help
– Boosts creative and imaginative play skills
– Fun, retro graphics and engaging activities


– Download price is a bit steep



Price: $3.99
Age: 6+


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