I will admit that as an adult I have picked up a Highlights for Children while waiting in a doctor’s office waiting room. I’ll read Goofus & Gallant, check out What’s Wrong on the back cover, and of course look for the Hidden Pictures.

Yes, Highlights does make an app for your iPad, and we found 6 other great hidden picture apps for your children to enjoy.

Highlights Hidden Pictures

The original hidden pictures game is now available for your favorite tablet. The Highlights Hidden Pictures app contains 8 puzzles that your child can play over and over. When an object is found, it will change from black and white to color, the app will also make an “aha” sound. Register your app and you’ll receive 2 free puzzles. For younger children, you can turn on hints and clues or you can turn them off for more of a challenge. Background music can also be turned on or off. $1.99.

Hidden Treasures: Picture Puzzles

This app is a little different, it’s more of a puzzle, First you start with a partially hidden photograph in the sand. The player has to press a tile and it will remove (or add) the sand in a plus sign pattern. If there is no sand on the tile, it will add it; if there is sand, it will take it away. The puzzle is complete when the entire photo is exposed. Free.

Finding Hidden Objects

This game uses a clock to see how fast you can locate the hidden objects. There are different stages of play – cartoon drawings, real photographs, sketches, paintings, world maps, ancient and modern symbols, and more. 50 total stages in this version and three levels of difficulty. Free.

Where’s Waldo? HD – The Fantastic Journey

Your favorite skinny guy with glasses is now on your iPad in HD graphics. Kids of all ages can have fun and find Waldo. There is a new party mode where you can compete and play with friends on the same device. The app’s characters – Waldo, Wenda and Whiteboard all come to life as you play. Additional features make the game more fun, including Wacky Paint, Frosty, Thunder Clap, Upside Down, and Sparkly. $0.99.

Can You Find It? For iPad

This app features 150 levels of 150 beautiful photographs and over 250 riddles. There are three levels of difficulty for all of these different puzzles. The hall of fame displays top scores and you can also share your scores via email. $1.99.

I Spy with Lola HD

Lola the panda travels around the world to visit friends and your child needs to help her find hidden objects along the way. Each time you visit a place, the objects and the location of the objects may change. The instructions are spoken, so it’s easy for smaller children. There are also multiple levels to challenge all ages. The older players needs to also solve riddles to find objects. Each country is beautifully animated with HD graphics. $1.99.


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