As the holiday season approaches, more and more parents are beginning the crazed scramble for that elusive hot toy. Do you simply get whatever mindless toy is most popular? Do you spring for the hardcore-educational toy and hope your kids will actually play with it?  If you’re like me, you want to invest in toys that will not only entertain and excite your kids, but also provide some sort of educational or creative aspect as well. Making good use of an educational asset that you already own, such as your iPad, is an added bonus, right?  Well, look no further! As I was perusing the toy aisle of my local department store, I ran across this gem. There were only two left on the shelves and I may or may not have run someone over with my cart to get it, but boy was it worth the effort!

The new Little Tikes iTikes Canvas is truly the top dog of iPad compatible toys for many reasons:

  • Its affordable- Coming in at just under $40, the iTikes Canvas is a lot of bang for the buck.
  • It protects my iPad. If my children are going to be using my iPad, I want it to be safe! Thankfully, even though you must remove the iPad from it’s conventional case, the toy itself provides excellent protection for the tablet. A convenient handle makes carrying and transporting the iPad and canvas simple for little hands.
  • Its versatile. At the end of the day, my iPad is MY ipad. I love that the iTikes Canvas converts to a traditional doodle board when it is not being used in conjunction with the iPad. This way, when the iPad is being used by an adult or is with me at work, the toy doesn’t become completely useless. See? A LOT of toy for your money!
  • The software is free! There’s nothing worse than purchasing an app-supported toy, only to find out that you have to purchase the app too! No worries, though! The iTikes Canvas app is free via the iTunes app store!
  • It benefits the kids. The iTikes Canvas sparks creativity like no other! While using the app, kids can draw, color, stamp and save their art to share with family and friends! Without the iPad, the iTikes Canvas acts as a creative tool by allowing children to draw, stamp and erase on the magnetic doodle surface.


The Little Tikes iTikes Canvas is available for $39.99 on the Little Tikes Website, with free shipping in time for the holidays!



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