lego‘Lego Friends’ is a relatively new branch of the traditional Lego building block brand. It consists of doll-like Lego figurines that are geared more toward little girls than traditional Lego kits. Now, to the excitement of Lego-loving girls everywhere, the award-winning children’s book publisher, DK Publishing, has just released an adorable ‘Lego Friends: Ultimate Stickers’ app.

As what seems to be a counterpart to the original, more boy-targeted, ‘Lego Minifigure: Ultimate Sticker’ app that came out last year, the new Lego Friends app is everything a little girl could want and more! The sticker book app sports more than 85 digital ‘stickers’, with eight awesome backgrounds to stick them on. After creating their sticker-art, kids can save screenshots of their work with the app’s ‘photo function’  so that they can be printed or so that kids can share them with friends and loved ones.lego2

There is also a ‘sticker challenge’ mode that introduces all of the doll-like characters and challenges kids to place the stickers in their correct spots, guided by silhouettes of each sticker. The level of difficulty for the sticker challenge and be adjusted by choosing how many available stickers there are to choose from. There is, of course, a free play mode as well that allows children to place stickers wherever they want. Stickers in free play mode can be shrunken or enlarged, and flipped or rotated for the ultimate creative experience with no rules!

Since the Lego brand is usually geared more toward boys, I was very happy to see that the girl-marketed part of their band is getting equal treatment in the form of this super-cute app!

‘Lego Friends: Ultimate Stickers’ app is available for download from the Apple iTunes App store via the button below for $3.99. This app is available for iPad only and requires iOS 5.0 or later.
LEGO® Friends Ultimate Stickers - Dorling Kindersley

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