Its no secret that parents who travel for work or any other number of reasons, may have a hard time balancing life at home while they 1792-1-kindoma-storytimeare away and any tool that can make this task a little easier is always welcome. In the past, we have seen video chat apps that allow parents to chat face to face with their children while they are away. We have even seen storybook apps that allow parents to record their voice as they read the special book, so that their child can listen to it while they are away. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the two were combined and parents were able to read a bedtime story to their child, in real-time, from afar?

Kindoma Storytime, released just last week, is the perfect blend of video chat and interactive storybook. The idea is that children will mzl.imflkuib.480x480-75be able to read with the special adults in their lives no matter where they are in the world. The app is free to download and only requires an account be registered to be able to unlock and read books. Kindoma Storytime has an extensive library that is constantly changing and growing, so new books will always be available for mutual enjoyment!

While in a video session together, both parties are synchronized. Pages of the book will turn at the same time on both screens and either party can see when the other person points to something on screen. There is also a feature that highlights each word as it is read aloud, letting small children follow along with ease.

Kindoma Storytime is not only an excellent tool for traveling parents, but also  for grandparents and extended family members who may live hundreds of miles away.

The ‘Kindoma Storytime’ app is available for download via the Apple iTunes App Store button below for free. This app is for iPad only.
Kindoma Storytime - Kindoma

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