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My kids love doing craft projects but I’m more inclined to sit and play iPad edu-apps with them.  Along with the daunting thought of letting my 2-year-old use glue, there’s the fact that I would actually have to look for project ideas, which is pretty overwhelming.  While Pinterest is a hotbed for kid-friendly arts and crafts suggestions, I always get sidetracked while on a project mission and spend 3 hours looking at different hair braiding tutorials.

KidsCraft is a comprehensive collection of, well, kids’ crafts.  The app outlines several kiddo-friendly projects and includes supply lists, step-by-step tutorials, real photography of the finished product, and several tips and tricks to help further stoke creative fires.  The materials needed are commonly used and easy to find, and while I personally would suggest assisting your kids as they make some of the crafts not all require adult supervision.

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Developers encourage players (users?) to go beyond the iPad with their crafts, as all of the tutorials are for objects that will foster imaginative play after the iPad has been utilized.  For example, there are several projects that could come together to create a little “city” – a painted “building” out of a wooden block, moving cardboard cars, and airplanes made from modeling clay.

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We haven’t tried any of the ideas yet, but they seem well-suited for younger children.  The items needed for the projects are inexpensive and the steps aren’t complicated or time-consuming.  The biggest payoff will come when my kids will be able to use what they make for imaginative play, and that ultimately means less time away from the iPad, computer, or television.

Illustrations and photographs help non-readers follow along, and written instructions reinforce early reading skills.  Amazon or Barnes & Noble would charge a small fortune for an actual book that would contain the exact information.  At $1.99 this app is a steal, not only for the content but also for the ease of use.




– Original tutorials walk kids through easy craft projects
– Quirky illustrations and real photographs add visual appeal
– Additional tips and tricks inspire further creativity
– None; this app is like a virtual how-to book for kids



Price: $1.99
Age: 6+

Now your little ones can be crafty in more ways than one with this artistic app.

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