kmFamily-friendly email is coming to an iPad near you! Kids Email has just announced in a press release that their email service now has an app available for download in the Apple iTunes app store. This is great news for Kids Email users who want to be able to access their accounts from a mobile device.

The newly released Kmail app is the only kid-safe email app that allows the user to access their email accounts via their iPad or iPhone.The spokesperson for the Kmail app and the Kids Mail email service, Jacob Andersen had this to say about the app’s release:

Kids Email is already trusted by over 30,000 users, and we wanted to give them the ability to access their account using their mobile devices. Kids are accessing email across a variety of devices and we wanted to make sure they are protected. Plus, kids can now access their email when they are away from the home computer.

Kids Email is such a great tool because it creates a safe email environment for children. It filters out profanity, prevents spam, and only allows children to receive emails from people they know and have on their contact list. Additionally, a copy of every incoming and outgoing message is sent to a linked parent account.  It also has the option of removing all images and links from incoming emails, as well.

Kids love the Kids Email client as well. It allows children to change the look and feel of their emails by using different, fun templates to alter the color and style. There is also a more simplistic mode of use for very young children as well as an advanced mode for older kids.

The Kids Mail ‘Kmail’ app is available now via the Apple iTunes App Store for free by clicking the button below.
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