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I opened iTunes the other day and tapped on the search box to type something in.  But wait – there was already a word typed in!  “Khd93d09” must be a really fun app because my kids tried very hard to find it and download it.  I also find “words” on my computer’s web browser and open e-mails, leading me to believe that my kids either have gotten really good at a secret code language or they just love to type out random gibberish.

Junior Typer was created by a dad in my same position – a dad who wanted to crack the code.  It lets young players type until their heart’s content without activating any odd settings or accidentally dropping a pretty penny on an in-app purchase.  Players can easily change the size and color of the font and the color of the background.

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However, don’t be so quick to dismiss this app as just another time-buster useful for distracting kids.  There’s the obvious typing skill-builder aspect, to be used by kids just learning to type or those who are struggling; in this age of technology typing as a skill is a necessity.  Players can also learn their letters, work on spelling, and help boost early reading comprehension.

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My little code-breakers really enjoyed playing this app.  At 3 and 5 they don’t know how to spell or read but they like to think they do.  My oldest wrote a “story” and told me all about it, showing off his creative-thinking process.  His younger sister wrote – as far as I can tell – rules that Mommy needs to follow when it comes to picking out Sister’s outfits in the morning (pink dresses with flowers, of course).  I was worried that my non-readers might not see the appeal of this app but that wasn’t the case in our house; that’s not to say other players might get frustrated because they can’t read what they’re typing.

The open-ended play in this app is well worth the download price of $0.99.  While Junior Typer can be invaluable in line at the grocery store check-out stand, it also offers young players a handful of skill-building lessons.



– Lets young players type without changing settings or making accidental in-app purchases
– Fonts and background can be customized for open-ended creative play
– Helps with letter recognition, spelling, and early reading skill-building


– Non-readers might not see the appeal of this app



Price: $0.99
Age: 2+

Let your little ones type without changing your iPad’s settings

Please help support iPadKids by downloading the game via the App Store icon below!
Junior Typer - Donny Yankellow

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