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There are many times a day where I turn a corner in my house or run into a room at the sound of mayhem, and ask myself: “What is wrong with this picture??”  Is it the hair-pulling and biting?  Or maybe the bucket of toys thrown down the stairs in a shower of cheap plastic?  Or the dog wearing the feather-trimmed dress-up outfit?  Within 30 seconds I can mentally point out a minimum of 5 things that don’t belong in the scene that I’m viewing.

This spot-the-difference fun is the premise of iSpotPro Kids, a newly released app that uses everyday scenes as the backdrop to help kids choose the details that don’t match in a series of two similar pictures.  Playing the game is as basic as spotting a difference and tapping the area on the picture, which means that young players and kiddos with special needs or learning disabilities will be able to easily play.

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Over the course of 7 “play packs” for a total of 35 levels, players compare a picture on the left with one on the right, trying to find the dissimilarities.  It could be the varying colors of a child’s shirt, the absence of a bell tower, or an extra cow on the barn.  Because the pictures depict real-life scenarios (school classroom, playground, bedroom at bed time) children can easily relate and won’t get overwhelmed with the task at hand.  Each level only has 3 differences, which also helps to keep kids interested and encouraged.

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Both kids caught the hang of the game pretty quickly and enjoyed finding the differences.  The only downside was that there was no music or sound effects; while some games have very distracting soundtracks, this particular app could have benefited from some noise.  Overall the app was a winner in our house, and $1.99 it’s a reasonable price for an entertaining app.

Note: Developers added a soundtrack to the app on January 30 during an update but we aren’t changing the review or rating.  The tune is a simple, music-box style song with subtle effects for wrong and right answers and enhances game play by keeping children interested without distracting them from the pictures.


– 35 unique levels
– Scenes are based on real-life scenarios, teaching and familiarising children with their surroundings
– Rewards system with certificate
– Kids-friendly Interface
– Unlimited hints
– Provides hours of fun and entertainment for children


– Animated versions of real-life scenarios help kids relate
– Levels are simple but engaging
– No in-app ads or purchases keep kids focused on tasks at hand


– Was originally no audio, however a recent update has fixed this issue.



Price: $1.99
Age: 3-7

No reading required to play this game, which means readers and non-readers alike will enjoy it!

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iSpotPro for KIDS - Use scenarios to teach and familiarise children with their surroundings while they play - Mayuir Sidhpara

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