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Father’s Day will soon be upon us. What better way to remind your children of what an awesome dad you are than to spend some quality together time around the iPad with your children? Try sneaking some of these apps onto their iPad, and you’re sure to get more than a scribble crayon drawing this year!


papa penguinPapa Penguin by Ideal Bureaucracy LLC

Work together as a family to help Papa Penguin catch enough fish to feed his gluttonous children. Try to catch the most delicious fish, but beware of poisonous jellyfish and sea raptors! $0.99, 4+ rating



the greatest daddyTinman Arts-Chickens Run-The Greatest Daddy by Mycolorway Design

In this interactive story, Jiao Jiao the little chicken and his farm friends talk about what makes their daddy the best. Discover Jiao Jiao daddy’s great gift and tap the animations to interact with the characters. $1.99, 4+ rating



my dad's bald headMy Dad’s Bald Head for iPad by Ofer Hod

Celebrate Dad’s bald head with his simple, yet incredibly sweet, rhyming children’s book. $0.99, 4+ rating




my daddyMy Daddy by TaleSpring

This animated, interactive eBook is about a little boy and his Dad, and all the ways his Dad helps him, like teaching him how to ride a bike, helping with homework, and scaring away bedtime monsters. Make a game of trying to find the little white mouse on every page. Tap around to see what happens and hear different sounds. $0.99, 4+ rating


just me and my dad for ipadJust Me And My Dad for iPad by Big Tuna New Media, LLC

Geared towards ages 3-8, this Little Critter interactive picture book tells the story of a father-son camping trip. Surprise animations are hidden over each page of the story, and Little Critter himself will sound out each word of the story to help your little one learn to read. $3.99, 4+ rating


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One Response to iPad Apps For Kids And Dad On Father’s Day

  1. Cool Mixer says:

    Great option !!!!! 🙂 to make you Dad surprises and happy 🙂 🙂