Does your child know about the four seasons? If not, I have a wonderfully peaceful app for you.

Price: $2.99
Age: 2+

Hippotrix recommends this app for 2+ but I think a one year old could enjoy it too.  A two year old would love it.  The appeal is definitely in the under 5 group.  Adults will enjoy the beautiful music and the soothing seasonal changes.
Hippo Seasons - Hippotrix


– Easy game play with no annoying voices or on screen text to read.  The youngest child can enjoy this app.
– Learning about the four seasons is very unique in an app.
– As a parent, the app is very easy for a child to use by themselves, which is very rare.


– This is not a “game” so older kids would get bored with it quickly.
– The snow page is a bit hard for younger children to do.  Just like a real snowball is difficult to roll, so is this snowball.
– The app only changes as your imagination does.  I do not think it will keep the attention or be a “play it again” for any child over 5.

Hippotrix developed Hippo Seasons over the last 12 months.  It is really visually stunning.  The music by composer Brian Cope is mesmerizing.  Your eyes are ears are in for a treat in this app.  Your child will draw and play while using the natural materials found in each season.

In summer you can mow the lawn.  My daughter liked to practice her letters and used the lawn mower to mow various letters.  Don’t forget to plant some bulbs and see your flowers grow before your eyes.

In winter you can roll the snow into huge snowballs. You can also crunch your snowboots into the snow and make patterns or letters.

In fall you can play with the leaves.  Hippotrix had the school children collect real leaves and they used them to create the fall leaves collection.  It was so much fun to move the leaves and rustle them with your fingers.

In spring you can splash in puddles and watch the water shimmer and shake.

This app is artistic and quite peaceful.  But it is not a game.  It will show your child the four seasons and will allow your child to explore the cycle of the four seasons. The main screen which allows you to choose which season you would like to explore in a beautiful pinwheel.  Each part of the pinwheel is a season.  My daughter was happy to sit and spin that pinwheel for hours.  This app will make you smile.  This app will bring back your childhood memories of splashing in puddles, stomping in snowy piles, and crunching in leaves.

Hippo Seasons - Hippotrix

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4 Responses to Hippo Seasons Review: A Year of Fun!

  1. Simone says:

    “soothing seasonal changes…this app will make you smile.” We hope kids and adults alike will enjoy our experiential app! Thanks for reviewing Hippo Seasons so wonderfully Sara and for the 4/5 rating!

  2. Granny1stclass says:

    Lovely helpful review , Sara . I got this for a 7 , a 4 and a 1 year old but I just spent ages sorting red leaves into the centre – it has all the organising appeal of Tetris. Very satisfying and I am ever so old and a granny…..

  3. Hippotrix says:

    We have just released v1.2 of Hippo Seasons! There are new flowers in spring, and you can now select your colour by tapping a tile. As many children liked playing a “guess what colour comes next game” we kept ‘random colours’ as a choice. The windmill (pinwheel) is also easier to stop & select a season too! Enjoy! The Hippotrix team