I have high hopes for my fruit and vegetable garden this year. First, everything I plant is going to grow in abundance. Second, everything I harvest is going to be willingly and enthusiastically gobbled up by my two daughters and husband, all of whom happen to be the pickiest eaters on this planet. My husband is probably a lost cause by now; however, my daughters are only three and five. Those are very impressionable ages. Surely some positive experiences in our home garden, reinforced with fun and educational farming and gardening apps on their iPad will convince them to open their hearts and mouths to more than just yogurt, nuggets, and Cheerios…right?!? If your child could use a little more exposure to leafy greens…or they just like all things gardens and farms…try some of the following apps:

happy little farmerHappy Little Farmer by GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games Pty Ltd

Nurture the farmer in your child with this app, which features interactive animations, 15 educational farm-centered games, 12 different fruit and veggies to grow, and a fun soundtrack. With no complicated menus, no advertising, and no in-app purchases, the Happy Little Farmer makes for happy parents and busy players! $2.99, 4+ rating


grandmas gardenGrandma’s Garden by Fairlady Media

Developed for children ages 1-5, Grandma’s Garden teaches numbers, letters, and colors in a positive and welcoming environment. With 6 action-packed mini-games, your child will join Grandma and all her silly veggies for fun and educational adventures in her garden. $0.99, 4+ rating


grow your garden hdGrow Your Garden HD by Learning Yard

This app was built by a team of UC-Berkeley education and gaming enthusiasts to make arithmetic fun and rewarding for kids. There is fun game play for kids of all ages as they fill water cans, water flowers, and watch their garden bloom, but the gradual learning curve promises improved mental math skills the more your child plays. $1.99, 4+ rating


ABC foodABC Food – Food Words With Pictures, Sounds, and Videos by Peapod Labs LLC

From the garden to the table, this app exposes your child to the exciting world of food with tons of pictures, sounds, videos, and interactive games. $2.99, 4+ rating


healthy creatures kids create artHealthy Creatures – Kids Create Art With Fruits And Veggies by Fat and Appy

This app lets kids play with healthy food in a fun and imaginative way! Geared toward ages 3-8, Healthy Creatures allows your child to create fabulous collages using beautiful garden-fresh crops. It features 26 fruits and veggies; 3 backgrounds; the ability to drag, drop, resize, rotate, layer, and delete objects; as well as upload existing photos and save created artworks. $0.99, 4+ rating

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