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What’s funnier than a dancing cow?  Not much!  Our Free App of the Day will make your little one giggle – Dancing Prancing Lily is a fun storybook app about a high-stepping heifer.

iTunes Description:

Prancing, Dancing Lily is an interactive children’s storybook app about an Ayrshire cow who loves to prance and dance, so she doesn’t quite fit with her herd. Lily prefers stepping in time to staying in line – so she sets out to travel the globe in search of her perfect dance. Along the way she discovers new dances from Senegal to Turkey, makes new friends around the world, and causes lots of commotion. She also writes home about her funny mishaps along the way. When Lily finally finds the dance for her, she returns home and inspires her herd to step in line… a Conga line! Lily’s adventures bring joy to all the cows in the herd. In the end, Lily finally becomes the next lead bell cow.

Includes four free puzzles with three difficulty levels.

The award-winning story, first published as a book by Marsha Diane Arnold and illustrated by John Manders, was inspired by Ms. Arnold’s own childhood; she raised Ayrshire cows with her father in Kansas.

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