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If you became a parent within the last decade, chances are you went to school during the 1990s.  I graduated high school in 1999 so I was lucky enough to experience all of the perks of burgeoning technology in school – the advent of the Internet, floppy discs, just learning how to e-mail completed assignments to teachers.  Let me say: Oregon Trail will always hold a soft spot in my heart (“oh man, dysentery AGAIN??”) There were no SmatBoards or iPads or Skyping – it was gel pens and laser discs, baby!

Nowadays, kids don’t realize that there was a time when classrooms were considered cutting-edge if they had a single computer somewhere on a table in the back of the room.  Or – even more glamorous – an entire LAB with stout, boxy machines standing shoulder to shoulder, just waiting for a floppy disk.  In 6th grade we went to the computer lab once a week and it was like making a voyage to some kind of glowing mecca. My son is in Kindergarten and in his small, special-needs class of 7 students, they use computers every single day.

Mashable came up with a list of 14 “tech supplies” that students of the 90s had, supplies that made it seem like we were living in a Jetsonian world.  Like, any minute a flying car would putter by with Rosie hangin’ out the window and waving.  Makes me wonder how I ever made it through, roughing it like that…

What “tech supplies” do you remember from your school days? Share in the comments section below!


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