(say it 10 times fast, I dare you!!)

This week we have a roundup of great, FREE educational apps to get you through the weekend:

204812048 – this crazy-popular numbers matching game has blown its way up the charts in the App Store and can promote numeracy, multiplication skills, and number identification



chilie Chilie – an endearingly odd storybook hybrid lets young players boost early reading skills and engage in “brain-training” activities



brain mazeBrain Maze Puzzle Game – it’s exactly like it sounds: a series of 80 progressively challenging puzzler mazes for a full brain workout



algebraAction Grapher Algebra – older kiddos can use their iPad like a scientific calculator with this very cool graphing/math app



asdAutism Learning Games: Camp Discovery – a suite of games expertly researched and designed to “create fun learning opportunities for children with autism”



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