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My kids really believe that the iPad is solely capable of playing games.  They don’t realize that my life would be much simpler if I didn’t have to juggle two tables and a laptop just to get my work done.  I’ve said many times that I wish the iPad had Office capabilities; it would make my life infinitely easier if I only needed one tablet to do all of my work.

I’m not alone: for years, iPad users have complained about the lack of Microsoft Office products.  For years, Microsoft has claimed that the apps are in development.  The wait’s over – just a few weeks ago Microsoft released its suite of Office apps for the iPad.  While the downloads are free, accessing and using the apps requires a subscription to Microsoft 365.

Farhad Manjoo of The New York Times reviewed the apps and wrote about it in the Bits section of the online magazine.  He calls the iPad apps “delightfully familiar” and takes readers through a virtual tour of the downloads.   In the end, Manjoo asserts that the iPad version is quite similar to the PC version.   Manjoo sums up his findings with this: “Offering the software on the iPad is a smart, simple way to keep those customers hooked. The iPad version puts Office in front of workers more often, making the suite even more indispensable to the organizations that use it.”

Have you downloaded Microsoft Office for the iPad?  Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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