Sure, we all love painting eggs with our kids around Easter time. We love seeing the joy on their faces as they dive in and make a huge mess. We love it when…wait…is that an egg-dye stain on my hardwood!?

Although there is no replacement for the real thing, the ‘Paint Easter Eggs’ app that was released just last week, is an incredibly close second. Released just time for Easter, why not download this creativity-inspiring app on to your family iPad, and forget the mess!

‘Paint Easter Eggs’  sports 35 uniquely drawn Easter eggs and 20 different blank eggs for children to paint. With a wide selection of easter eggsdesigns and tons of blank eggs to flex their creativity on, children will be able to paint for hours without coloring the same egg twice! The vibrant colors mix, just like with real paint, allowing children to create new and exciting colors. The creators of ‘Paint Easter Eggs’ has taken special care to make sure that the virtual paint that is used within the app, actually looks and ‘feels’ like real paint, too.

How can paint on a screen feel like anything, you ask? The developers of the app have created a ‘multiple finger input’ paint simulation that allows multi-directional movement of the paint. Children can use two or even three fingers to push paint in may directions at once, mimicking actual finger paint. This feature allows for awesome splatter and smudge effect. This is also especially useful if you have multiple children painting at once. No more taking turns with the iPad, as this app allows everyone to gather around and paint at once with its multiple finger input feature. What a great way for siblings to end the bickering and come together to play!

The ‘Paint Easter Eggs’ app is available for download via the Apple iTunes App Store button below for $0.99. This app is for iPad only.
Paint Easter Eggs - Dave Sapien Ltd.

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