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Ahhh, potty training.  It’s among one of the many joys (that’s sarcasm, folks) of parenting.  Of course we’re so thrilled to get our babies out of expensive, cumbersome diapers that we sometimes don’t give a thought to the agony of teaching out little ones how to (effectively) use the potty.  And if you Google “potty training” (which is a much better idea in theory than reality, TRUST ME) you’ll find about 3,479 different methods.

When my two kiddos were potty training I would have done anything for the help of an uncomplicated, kid-friendly app to help us through the journey.  As thoroughly as I checked the App Store, I just couldn’t find “the right potty training app” to supplement the admittedly minimalist approach I was taking to ditch the diapers.  Either the apps were too complicated for toddlers or they were just plain confusing.  I’m now relieved to be past the potty training days, but Duckie Deck’s new app almost makes me wish I wasn’t.  ALMOST.

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The newest in a series of hygiene apps, Gotta Go deals with the most unpleasant of childhood rites of passage.  I mean, who really wants to talk about pee and poop amiright?  (My 6-year-old son does but that’s a post for another day.) Well, someone has to, and if you don’t know where to start when it comes to using the potty, look no further.  Gotta Go is as intuitive and toddler-friendly as Duckie Deck’s other hygiene gaps, which makes them oh-so-easy to help your child understand the process of going potty, Gotta Go starts with a brightly colored monster friend who promptly needs his diaper removed.  He (she?) then sits on the toilet and eats until his stomach is full and he’s groaning in discomfort.  Then kiddos push his tummy until a brightly-colored ball pops out and a roll of toilet paper drops down, so Monster can wipe.  When he’s all done he reaches out to give the player an encouraging high-five.

Now generally speaking, eating on the toilet is not something you should encourage your kid to do but that’s why there aren’t any directions; so YOU as a parent can explain the digestive process in a way that’s within your comfort zone and easy for your child to understand. This encapsulates the reason why I’m kinda in love with Duckie Deck apps, especially the latest in the hygiene series.  The absence of directions and distractions means that parents can have a jumping-off point for explaining tough hygiene habits with toddlers who may not understand an instructional lecture on how to use the toilet.  It gives both parent and child a common ground; something they can both relate to and customize to fit their own individual needs.

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As I’ve mentioned, my diaper days are behind me, but I passed along this app to a friend with two in diapers another baby due in a month.  His oldest is prime potty training age and he was genuinely impressed with how Gotta Go encouraged his oldest to use the potty much more than she was when he was just telling her to go.  Gotta Go proves that even potty training can be streamlined for the modern tech-savvy toddler without losing the personal feel of such a – well, personal process.  At only $0.99 it’s much cheaper than that lady who promises to potty train your child in 48 hours (I know because I was desperate and Googled it, don’t judge).

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