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One afternoon last week I was digging through the fridge and pantry to figure out the dinner plan.  There wasn’t much to choose from (bacon from two months ago, anyone?) and I instantly broke into a cold sweat when I realized that I would have to drag two kids to the grocery store for a “quick trip”.  We were all secretly relieved when I decided it was a great night for pizza.

Instead of worrying about what’ll end up in your cart when you take two kids food shopping, try downloading Dr. Panda’s Supermarket.  This stress-free app is fun and easy for kiddos to play, and helps to teach them important skills such as hand-eye coordination, number and money counting, and learning about fruits and vegetables.  Plus it’s always fun for little ones to pretend to do “grown-up” things.

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There are 10 mini-games that deal with the process of shopping at or owning a grocery store.  Players can help animal shoppers find items from their list to place in their carts, or they can act as the owner in the backroom, unloading produce deliveries.  Checking out means counting money and number recognition before satisfied shoppers bring their bags downstairs to the taxi to take them home.

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My kids normally run and hide when I mention we might need to stop at the supermarket but they loved playing Dr. Panda’s Supermarket.  There’s rarely an app that we download that allows them to play together but the Dr. Panda apps are so universal that they could take turns and play independently without having to ask for my help.  They were so inspired that they continued playing “supermarket” in their playroom, setting up toys on the shelves and pretending to shop.

Like the other Dr. Panda apps from TribePlay, this game is incredibly easy to play and doesn’t require any reading skills.  Considering both the education and entertainment content it’s very well priced at $2.99, and the absence of in-app purchases or distracting ads boosts the app to All Star status.


– No reading required, which means this is truly an all-ages app
– Fun, easy way for kiddos to do “grown-up” things like grocery shop
– No ads, in-app purchases, or other distractions


– None; playing this app is more fun than extreme couponing!



Price: $1.99
Age: 2-6

No need to buckle in to the shopping cart – this app is easy and fun!

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Dr. Panda's Supermarket - TribePlay

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