babar and badou's musical marching band

Usually when I tell my kids about my childhood they end up rolling their eyes and walking away about 13 seconds into the story.  When I told them I learned how to read by learning the words in Babar books, they actually stuck around and acted like they were interested.  They watch the popular television series “Babar and the Adventures of Badou” and it might have blown their mind a little bit to find out that the royal elephant and his friends have been around for quite some time.

Babar & Badou’s Musical Marching Band is based on the TV show which is, in turn, based on the stories from my very own childhood.  The app follows Cupcake Digital’s hugely successful format and utilizes Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to ensure that the educational content enhances game play and offers skill-building to young players.  Absent are in-app purchases, inappropriate in-app ads, and data mining.  Instead parents and teachers can find tips, discussion points, and links to web-based resources.  Kiddos can find tons of fun.

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The app covers three different categories: reading, playing, and creating, and within each of those sections there are three mini-games to help teach important early learning skills.  Players can choose which storybook mode is right for their age level – either reading out loud, reading and interacting with the pages, or having the book read to them.    Then there’s the Alphabet Derby, Treasure Hunt, and Go Bananas; mini-games that teach number and letter recognition, and memory skills.  Creative muscles are flexed by making music, coloring pages, or singing along to a video of the TV show theme song.

We’ve had the privilege of reviewing a handful of Cupcake Digital apps and we have yet to be underwhelmed.  Clearly the folks at CD have their finger on the pulse of what works – engaging children while simultaneously teaching important CCSS-based skills.  In addition, the apps present popular characters from a child’s daily life to help make the content relatable and relevant.

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My kids love this app, simply put.  My 5-year-old is learning to read so the storybook portion is his particular favorite.  Being able to interact with the page illustrations helps to further reinforce the reading skills being taught.  My daugher, who’s 3, loves all things creative and makes quite the racket with the musical mini-game.  Both love to sing and dance along to the theme song video.

From the outset a download price of $3.99 might seem a little steep but it’s the median price point for similar apps from Cupcake Digital.  And like those apps, Babar & Badou’s Musical Marching Band is brimming with content (educational and otherwise).  It’s highly replayable and full of skill-building activities – it’ll have little ones shouting “TUSKTASTIC!”


– Plenty of different options will keep kids thoroughly engaged
– Educational content follows Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
– Early learning skills addressed include reading, and letter and number recognition


– None; this app is tusktastic!



Price: $3.99
Age: 4-7


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