A new App geared toward children with learning disabilities, autism, or those who are experiencing circumstantial grief was released globally this month by Interactive Feelings.

The ‘Tap Me Happy’ App, created by Australian Clinical Psychologist Belinda Ratcliffe,  is essentially a digital scrapbook for children who benefit emotionally from sorting their thoughts and happiness cues. The ‘Tap Me Happy’ App allows children or caregivers to place and interact with things that make the children happy, such as: photos of family members or pets, pictures of favorite toys, audio recordings of loved ones, favorite videos and even a text display of messages written by family and friends. The Interactive Feelings website promoted the benefits of their newly created App by saying: ” (It is) Great for kids with: Autism, Intellectual Disability & Learning Difficulties, or kids who are going through a difficult time because of: Grief, Illness, Being Bullied, or a parent being away for work.” Interactive Feelings may have hit the proverbial nail on the head, as their ‘Tap Me Happy’ App is getting rave reviews on iTunes.

Ratcliffe, the head of Interactive Feelings, also touts the benefits of her new creation: “I’ve always wanted to help people and use my life to the best of my ability. Children with Autism are visual learners. Years spent making visual therapy resources for kids with special needs is helping me design ‘apps’ that make a difference.”

In addition to her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, Ratcliffe is an author, founder and director of Interactive Feelings, a PhD candidate, and a mother of two children. Her vast experience with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Acquired Brain Injury, and other complex genetic and medical issues, makes Ratcliffe’s release of an App that is geared specifically toward these demographics particularly exciting.  Not only is Ratcliffe’s emotional take on the App industry refreshing and different, it is providing a much needed outlet for parents in need of new or additional resources for their special needs children.

The new ‘Tap Me Happy’ App is now available for download on the iTunes App Store in both iPhone and iPad formats for $1.99.

For more information about Interactive Feelings, check out their Facebook page.

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