I’m pretty sure my kids would actually understand me if I spoke to them in a language made up entirely of the word “Minecraft”.  Unfortunately for them I don’t – in fact, I’m semi-clueless when it comes to this all-consuming game lifestyle.  We’ve established some screen time guidelines so we now have a Minecraft schedule, but that doesn’t mean my obsessed children can’t take the fun off-screen.

I’ve slowly been sifting through the massive volume of Minecraft stuff on the web and collecting a pretty impressive handful of resources.  Below you’ll find a few of my favorites:

Multiplication and Division sheets – who says Minecraft can’t be educational, and taken off-screen? These cool coloring sheets help kiddos at a 3rd-grade math level

Crossword search – think you know all there is to know about Minecraft? Test your knowledge with this free printable crossword search (boosts vocab too!)

Magnets – Free. Printable. Magnets.  (I’m actually printing these as we speak, it’s 98 degrees outside and we’ll be happy to play around the fridge)

Behavior management program – one of the easiest ways to get a child to understand an abstract concept is to relate it to something they already know & love*

Homeschooling materials – yeah, this one almost made me want to homeschool (ALMOST)

Treasure hunt – bring the on-screen phone off-screen and have an IRL Minecraft  adventure in your back yard


For more ideas (and if you have about 7 hours to spare) check out Pinterest for more Minecraft activities!

And to help you understand why EVERY. SINGLE. KID. knows about Minecraft and you’re still clueless, here’s a little video for your viewing pleasure:



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