Ghosts and goblins, witches and werewolves! Halloween is eerie and exciting for kids of all ages. We recently featured 6 free apps for Halloween and now we’re going to show some love for those hard working app developers and introduce you to some more Halloween apps. They are guaranteed to be fun and spooky, and they won’t break the bank.

Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book

This Disney interactive puzzle book is sure to please your little goblin. Mickey is throwing a Halloween party and his guests, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy are scared by noises and ghosts. Your child will need to help solve the mystery of the haunted house as they read the book. They will be excited by some of the ghosts and other scary surprises that appear. The app features real character voices and fun music. Parents can record their own voice narrating the story and kids can choose to have the story read to them, use their parent’s recording, or have the app automatically turn the pages. There is also an interactive puzzle for even more fun. $0.99.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Everyone’s favorite Halloween movie is available in an interactive story form for your iPad. This pumpkin festival game allows your child to join in the fun with the peanuts gang waiting for the great pumpkin. Create your own character avatar and outfit from “millions” of combinations. Your character creation can trick-or-treat with all of the peanuts kids. Other games include craving your own pumpkin, bobbing for apples with Snoopy, and playing the piano with Schroeder. The story is narrated by the original voice of Charlie Brown and the app uses voices, dialog, and music from the original 1966 special. Word and note highlighting will help your little one improve their reading skills. $4.99.

123 Sticker: Musical Sticker Book

Build and paint sticker scenes with this fun sticker book that includes sound effects and fun music from 25 popular songs. Use this app all year round with the 6 sticker scenes, including Winter Wonderland, Decorate Christmas Tree, Carnival, Beach Vacation, Playground, and Halloween. The colors are spoken in English, Spanish, French, and German, so parents can choose to use this app to introduce their child to a foreign language. Also features freestyle finger painting. Creations can be saved to photo album or emailed. $1.99.

Halloween Spooky Sound Box

Use this app and it’s 96 high quality sound effects to scare all of your friends this Halloween. Sounds include spooky music, ghostly voices, horror tunes and more. Free updates are included, which adds more fun sounds. Users can loop the sounds, or use the apps long music tracks to create awesome features in their Halloween displays. The sounds are pre-loaded, so no internet connection is needed once the app is downloaded. Examples of the sounds featured – evil laugh, clown scream, zombies, door creak, chainsaw, eerie whisper, and funeral march. $1.99.

Spooky House

Scary sounds and animations bring this haunted house to life on your iPad. Great for your child’s imagination, this app needs the user to discover all of the secrets hidden throughout the haunted house. Tap the screen to discover new secrets and move between the three frightening locations. $0.99.

Halloween Gourmet

Well, this app is more for the parents to do, but for the kids to enjoy. Make delicious treats for your children this Halloween with this app. It features 30 delicious recipes, which are sure to frighten while feeding your little ghosts. The app is available in English, as well as Spanish. Some recipes featured include Bat Wing Soup, Halloween Brain Dip, Pumpkin Fudge, and Spooky Witch Fingers. Mmmm. $0.99.

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