The Consumer Electronics Show (going on right now in Las Vegas, Nevada) is always a time when new, innovative and sometimes crazy ideas and products are displayed for the public to critique, all in one place. This year, CTA Digital has really broken the mold with a product that some critics are calling ridiculous and other are calling genius. The iPotty.

If you have every potty trained a toddler, you know how horrific it can be. The pants buttoning, toilet paper unrolling, sitting still, and making it there in time can all prove, at the very least, challenging…and those only happen if your kid will even consider using the potty. Yep, we all know the one. That kid who would rather walk around in his soaked superman underwear than touch a potty with a ten foot pole. Luckily, change may be on the horizon for those parents brave enough to use CTA Digital’s iPotty.iPotty

The iPotty is, essentially, a traditional plastic potty that has an adjustable, rotating stand that your iPad snaps into. The premise is that kids will want to potty if they get rewarded by being allowed to play their favorite app games at the same time. Sound like an impending and moist death for your iPad? Fear not! The iPotty also has a removable ‘splash guard’ and screen cover that will (hopefully?) protect your device from…well, you know. Hitting the market in February for $40, the vibrant lime green and orange¬† iPotty is significantly more expensive than those other boring potties, but hey, if it gets your kid to go when and where he’s supposed to, it’s worth it, right?

And, honestly, all of the iPotty’s critics would be lying if they said the occasional rousing game of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja hasn’t enlivened their potty time at one point or another.

Source: Gizmodo

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