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If you’ve noticed that your child is increasingly glued to the iPad, it may be time to establish (or tighten) rules for their iPad use. We’ve put together a list of the most effective guidelines for keeping usage in check.

Work first
Homework and chores should always be finished before hitting the power button, no if’s, and’s or but’s!

Set time limits
Establish a daily allowance for iPad use- this might be different for school days versus weekends and holidays. Keep these time limits consistent between siblings to avoid iPad envy. If periods are an hour or longer, try adding mandatory breaks every 15-30 minutes to stretch and give eyes a break. Temper tantrum? Take some time away for bad behavior.

Create “no iPad” time
Ban iPad use during meals and family time to make sure your child is fully engaged during family activities. Restricting use before bedtime can also help kids wind down and more easily fall asleep.

Outlaw the App Store
Downloading new apps is almost too easy, especially if you’re not the one paying for them! If your child wants to purchase a new app, they should ask your permission first. Screen the app to make sure it’s age appropriate, good quality and within your budget. Keep an eye on whether their wants “just for fun” or educational content. To limit access to the App store, deactivate the app installation and deletion options in your System Preferences, or keep your iPad in “Airplane Mode.”

Encourage Teamwork
Tag teaming games with friends, siblings or parents fosters teamwork and problem solving skills. You can also complement apps with physical play. Head outside and shoot some hoops after playing a basketball app, or help your child fix a new recipe from a cooking app.

Got another tip or trick? Share yours in the comments section!

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